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Cruise Lines Do Not Allow Rebating

Cruise lines set prices, not travel agencies.  We cannot increase or decrease the price quoted by the cruise line. You should pay the same price for your cruise whether you book it from your local travel agent, online, or from the cruise line directly.

Occasionally, a very large travel agency may purchase group space at a discount, and then sell it to individuals at a discounted price if they have cabins left over. Sometimes they will even rebate a portion of their commission as a general policy. However, rebating is not allowed by cruise lines, and agencies that rebate can have sanctions imposed upon them. Even if an agency chooses to violate this rule, they will have to sell even more trips to make up for the rebates. That means they have less time to spend with you. So, you may save a few dollars by spending hours calling around or surfing the net, but when you deal with a super-size agency, you're just going to be another number. You should also consider the fact that if they are breaking the rebating rule, they are probably breaking other rules and cutting other corners as well.

Our goal is to provide you with sound advice so that you choose the right ship and itinerary for your vacation. We know that if we treat you right, you'll book your next trip with us and recommend us to your friends and relatives.

So ask yourself, even if you get quoted a slightly lower fare by a super-size agency, where are you getting the best cruise value?




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